DVelum 0.9.4 Version Released

January 17, 2015


The DVelum development team announces the immediate availability of  DVelum 0.9.4

We are starting development of a new branch of the platform. Next version will be based on ExtJS 5.

New features:

#new feature Filestorage now is able to upload multiple files, using the same name of form file fields, eg. name=”files[]”

#new feature Now it is possible to create new instances of “Extended” (isExtended:true) Data Store for related components (Grid,Combo, etc.)
When you select the Store you can use a common link or instantiate a separate storage component.

#new feature  New property defineOnly for Designer “extended” panels (with isExtended:true) has been introduced. Now it’s possible to set defineOnly:true and Panel will not be added to the main layout.

#new feature Now it’s possible to add instances of already defined project components. For example, you can define Form or Grid Panel with some logic (methods , events) and add them to different windows.

#new feature Added Slave DB connection support in readonly mode. Thus we can divide the reading and writing of data. ORM models have been updated for using new feature. If Slave DB connection is not set then main connection will be used.

#new feature Added CSRF-Token support for ExtJS fileupload component.

#new feature  Added Mixed error log adapter. Error messages will be stored in DB or in filesystem if DB connection is unavailable. Admin Panel module is  also implemented.

#new feature Added Zend_Mail wrapper that can attach images to e-mail body, just set local file path into <img> src attribute.

#new feature Added new OOP-style code generator with new platform features.


#update  Late static binding added to Db_Object_Config class. (for those who wish to extend the behavior)

#update Filestorage::add method updated. Now it’s possible to specify the  file name for saving in the ORM

#update  Dictionary Adapter property list updated (Designer)

#update  Added “locked” property for Grid Column (Designer)

#update Field group validation is now performed in Db_Object class. It makes error handling more flexible;

#update Added cache invalidation for files manually attached to the designer project.

#update  Aggregated code packages have been removed from distribution. You can aggregate them manually.

#updated  ORM interface behavior modified. “IsNull” setting now hidden for Date fields and depends on “required”

#update TimyMCE support removed

#update  New method “setInsertId” added to the Db_Object class. Now it’s possible to set explicitly the ID value for a new Db_Object (useful for data import);

#update  “showAllText” property added for StoreFilter -> Dictionary adapter. Now you can set your own text for reset option.

#update Error Log is now enabled by default

#update User data cache uses standard system methods now.

#update Action column editor updated. (Designer)

#update Designer behavior updated. Now selected component does not lose focus after Components Tree reloading


#bugfix  Db_Object_Builder “unsigned” attribute is not always taken into consideration for validation of the object structure;

#bugfix Code editor in the designer does not appear when you load a new project;

#bugfix rowexpander plugin issue fixed

#bugfix  Page management interface. Text selection and copying is impossible in tables

#bugfix Media library, CropWindow. Window with large number of settings does not has a scrollbar.

#bugfix Media library. New sizes for cropping appear only after reloading

#bugfix Fixed issue with report generator when selection include objects with dictionary links

#bugfix Fixed inconsistent behavior of the interface and the server side while maintaining the fields containing dates. Empty string sended from interface for fields with isNull property enabled is now converted to null

#bugfix  fixed issue with importing fields into the editWindow

#bugfix fixed issue with saving widths for windows and columns if DVelum is installed into the sub directory of document root at web server

#bugfix fixed issue with removing grid column (Designer)

#bugfix Cron_Lock does not remove the lock.

#bugfix Publish date does not update (objects with data version control)

#bugfix fixed issue in Filestorage_Simple that leads to warning if the added file is absent.

#bugfix Store_Filter - Combobox component. Incorrect namespace for Store when you build the project

#bugfix Fixed bug from beta, interface designer caches the code and requires to save the project to upgrade.

#bugfix Fixed issue with “definedOnly” renderer found in the beta version

#bugfix  configuration option urlDelimetr renamed to urlDelimiter

#bugfix Cannot publish Db_Object under version control linked to other object if user has no  ACL "Create" permissions

#bugfix Fixed issue with eastPanelCollapsed:true at app.ContentWindow

#bugfix  fixed issue with app.HistoryPanel in several opened windows

#bugfix fixed memory leak in Layout Designer


New section of the documentation is already available in Russian (beta version) http://docs.dvelum.net/docs/ru/0.9.4
Project moved to GitHub  https://github.com/k-samuel/dvelum

Download DVelum 0.9.4