DVelum 0.9.3 Version Released

May 16, 2014

#fixed: view rights resolution for linked objects data in controllers inherited from Backend_Controller_Crud;

#ORM interface fix: now there’s no need to reload page to link a newly created object;

#fixed: grid filter generator bug (Designer module);

#fixed: now it’s possible to empty the list of linked objects in auto-generated interfaces for fields of "object link" type;

#fixed: ORM numeric field type values can be set to null;

#Unit test running improved: Object configuration is automatically copied to test directory, database structure rebuilds;

#fixed: saving media library configuration in PHP 5.4 version or higher;

MS Windows fix: Interface designer now forms correct urls for icon pictures;

#Base controllers improved: ACL support is added;

#improved: ACL right distribution interface.

Full list of fixes can be found: Beta release 0.9.3b.

Download DVelum 0.9.3