What's new in DVelum 1.x

  • Upgraded to ExtJS 6, the system now supports the new framework version.

  • File structure changes. Developer and distribution data are separated into different folders.  Platform files transferred from server www root directory and are now not accessible from web.

  • Reworked UI Designer. Working with it has become more simple and logical. Some parts of the internal settings and features are now hidden.

  • Reworked UI Designer projects storage system. Now UI Project can be decomposed into files and compiled while editing in UI Designer. It allows you to work with UI projects using version control systems (git, hg, svn  etc.) To enable new feature just set 'vcs_support' option to true in designer.php settings file

  • New management system for configurations and localizations

  • Added system to be able to support various user authentication providers: LDAP, Kerberos,  DVelum

  • Redesigned back-office UI

  • System performance improved

  • Back-office theming support added

  • Back-office main menu redesigned

  • New “encrypted” ORM field type allows to store encrypted data

  • Added ability to use external storage for the Related Grid component

  • New Grid cell renderer editor for UI Designer with multiple working modes:

        - JS code editor

       - JS method call

       - PHP adapter

      - Dictionary renderer

  • User password safety enhanced (new hashing mechanism)

  • Dictionaries in different localizations are now automatically synchronized

  • Added back-office language selection (login form)

  • Improved the behavior of the ObjectInstance in the UI Designer. Component instances now can contain their own event handler

  • app.objectLink.Panel component improved customization options added

  • Added another thumbnail slicing mode (medialibrary)

  • Significantly improved performance of database data retrieval using fetchAll method for mysqli using mysqlnd driver

  • Added setSearchFields method into Model. It allows to override the list of ORM Search Fields

  • Added the ability to restrict user access only to their records (for objects with version control)

  • A lot of smaller improvements facilitating development process

  • Logging of data changes is transferred from the core to the triggers level

  • Added extended logging of data changes (field level), redesigned Log UI

  • Completely redesigned modules management interface

  • ExtJS Grid filters support added

  • Improved Store Filter component (UI Designer). Added showReset (boolean)  setting - it displays data filter reset button. The new setting replaces the discountinued showAll setting.  Default text now can be set using emptyText property

  • Grid column events added

  • Backend_Controller_Crud system controller improved. $ _listLinks property added. It accepts an array of field names. Using this property you can specify list of fields the values of which will be converted into specific representation. This applies to the following field types:
    - Dictionary field type can be converted to dictionary value by key
    - Object reference - to object title
    - Objects list reference - to list of object titles

    It simplifies working with related entities eliminating the need for additional postprocessing of results before sending them to user interface.

  • ORM many-to-many links process improved.
    Database tables no longer contain multilink field columns.
    Relations are stored with separate relation objects or using special Polymorphic Relations object  depending on relation configuration for each field.
    Db_Object many-to-many fields now contain and accept an array of related objectsidentifiers: $myObject->get('link_field'); returns [101,112,123] Relation type and Relation Object can be found using Db_Object_Config methods

  • Modules generator improved

  • User management interface improved. Filters added, sorting fixed (now remote sort)

  • Experimental Desktop theme added. The new theme represents the back-office as a single page application (without page reload). To enable Desktop theme you need to change “theme” option in the backend.php configuration file



  • Reworked integration of third-party modules. Created official add-ons repository. Implemented the ability to install add-ons directly from the platform back-office. At the moment official add-ons repository contains 2 modules (Articles, Sitemap) which are in debug mode.
  • Medialibrary file uploader improved. Added formData support

  • Templates system reworked. Now system templates can be overridden by developer
    User`s and system templates are now separated into different folders

  • System installer improved

  • Added default adaptive frontend pages template

  • Console access improved. Actions and Background tasks can be added without overriding the system controller. Actions and tasks can be added using configuration files cronjob.php and console.php

  • UI Designer improved, fixed bugs related to ExtJs 6 migration

  • Added support for fallback authorization adapter. When authorization using a specific adapter cannot happen, a fallback adapter is used.

  • Filestorage UI updated. Multiple files uploader added

  • Paths to designer projects are now relative

  • Grid column itemId conflict fixed

  • Composed JS files for dictionaries and localizations moved from repository. JS files composing takes place during installation. Manual composing can be called using:

    console action:
    php ./console.php /console/buildJs  (action configuration you can find in dvelum/application/configs/dist/console.php)

    web request:
    Backoffice_path - back office url defined during platform installation

    For example: http://mysite.com/backoffice/localization/compileLang

Removed modules:

  • Apikeys (will be replaced with a new REST service)

  • Deploy

  • ORM Backup

  • Api

Due to ExtJS 6 migration we recommend to create Ext.Model for each Ext.data.Store in UI Designer  (idProperty moved to the Ext.Model)

The platform is not fully compatible with previous versions, but the old modules can be migrated manually.

Updated software requirements:  PHP 5.5 or higher (PHP7 compatible),  MySQL 5.5 / MariaDb / Percona.

GIT repository structure changed.  Develop and master branches are now responsible for dvelum 1.x,  master_09 and develop_09 for version 0.9.x