Beta release 0.8.3b

August 9, 2012

Change log:

- #11 added: a window showing the log of database structure changes (SQL requests) processed by ORM;

- #38 added: a module managing application API keys;

- #98 code builder improved;

- #101 added: css-styles for building page layouts imported into the visual editor;

- #109 fixed: problems editing grid columns in the Layout Designer;

- #125 fixed: errors restoring from the previous version;

- #126 added: Russian titles for the fields of the Testcrud test object;

- the database being installed cleared from extra tables;

- #127 fixed: the tree position reset when saving a new version of the unpublished page;

- #128 fixed: preview not working when creating a new record; articles and news preview functionalities improved;

- #129 fixed: error request for 5.3.5 in the 5.3.x installer;

- #130 fixed: a spelling mistake in Russian installer;

- #132 added: prefilling the Name field in IDE ‘Add’ forms;

- №133 fixed: with cache enabled, the saved user permissions do not reload;

- #135 fixed: failure to remove groupsummar plugin in IDE;

- #136 fixed: wrong definition of the path to ActionJS file when creating an IDE project;

- #137 fixed: the IDE grid properties do not list available stores;

- #140 added: AddDefaultCharset UTF-8 instruction in the .htaccess file;

- #143 fixed: wrong direction of menu sorting;

- #144 fixed: preview of the unpublished page shows the published page content;

- #150 fixed: image uploader ignores preview configuration settings when cutting thumbnails;

- #151 fixed: wrong path to the Resource::addRawJs cache file;

- #152 fixed: the developer menu title shows up in production mode;

- blocks managements interface improved (adding a menu block has become simpler);

- #155 fixed: IDE Store -> fields -> import from ORM - an error related to multilingual support;

- #156 fixed: failure to clear cache;

- #160 fixed: failure to save translation of the ORM object title;

- #161 fixed: failure to clear the block cache when changing the related menu;

- Backup operation improved, ckecking for the opportunity to record backup copy files;

- fixed: incorrect filtering in Log module;

- the graphical interface improved: the Russian language icon width optimized;

- windows compatibility improved;

- EditWindow and ContentWindow interface components improved;

- selective cosmetic refactoring of the platform code performed;

- fixed: errors in English installation file;

- Zend_Cache replaced by the light cache adapter, which has allowed to improve the performance by another 15% (it is still possible to use Zend_Cache. To do this, the library files should be manually copied);

- added: administrative interface for vieong the Memcached server statistics; clear cache feature;

- a performance level unparalleled for a PHP platform reached, all the fastest popular frameworks left behind.

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