Another alpha update 0.8.1

July 19, 2012

Here is another alpha update 0.8.1

Change log:

- installer updated;

- admin panel design elements updated;

- public section templates added;

- added: hidden articles version preview (administrator only);

- Deploy module improved;

- block manager redeveloped, performance improved;

- menu blocks rendering optimized for a considerably better performance;

- иixed: issues related to cache paths for IDE projects;

- #83 fixed: menu module; failure to set up link types when importing from the site structure;

- #100 fixed: Deploy module incorrectly validating file system maps;

- #75 fixed: default block map not working properly;

- #104 fixed: failure to preview a newly created page;

- fixed: issue related to admin panel showing up in production mode;

- fixed: wrong IDE lang-file name (Layout Designer);

- fixed: class name definition by path in Windows;

- #109 fixed: failure viewing a topic in the Public section;

- #108 fixed: failure saving controller name in Module editor of the public interface.



Documentation:“Creating a simple module”article added.