DVelum 0.9.5 Version Released

May 5, 2015

The DVelum development team announces the immediate availability of DVelum 0.9.5.

It was originally planned to release a patch fixes But by this time we already made some significant changes and improvements, so we decided to release a new version.


New features:

  • Support of multiSelect option for StoreFilter in Designer projects (requires controller refinement).
  • Object title templates added. Now “Link Title” configuration option of ORM Object can be described as {code} / {title}. In this case object title would be displayed as values of object properties named as text in braces. This functionality helps show complex object titles in system components like Object Link and Related Objects List.
  • FOR UPDATE option is now supported in Db_Select SQL constructor.
  • Additional request params for Designer components. app.edit Window, app.contentWindow, app.objectLink.Field, app.objectLink.SelectWindow now support extraParams option and setExtraParam method.
  • Object link field (app.objectLink.Field) component now supports readonly state.
  • The “Users” module has been turned into Layout designer project. Now customisation of “Users” UI takes less time and effort.

  • ORM Object Storage error log improved.
  • AES 256 encryption support added to the ORM. Now it is possible to store confidential data using encrypted object field. (requires mcrypt PHP module to be enabled). Just set field type as encrypted and data will be encrypted during saving. Use this opportunity as one of elements of protection against database theft. ORM UI also allows batch data encryption / decryption.
  • Filestorage UI is added ( for filestorage based on ORM object).

  • Button Group and Split Button components have been added to the Designer.

  • Modules generator has been updated. New action column “Remove record” is added. Record editor now closes after save (Non version control object).

  • The distribution package includes documentation editor and built-in documentation generator. Now you can generate documentation for your project code at any time. Generator analyzes the project structure and builds a new version of documentation, transfers unchanged descriptions from previous version of documentation and adds missing classes / methods / properties. Moreover, documentation can be written in several languages. Documentation UI provides simple JsDoc like editing interface.

How to update or generate a new version of documentation:

1. Specify the new version of the generated documentation at configuration file  
system / config / sysdocs.php ,  (gen_version option)

2. Add a new version to  the list of versions available for viewing at configuration file
 system / config / sysdocs.php, (versions  option)

You can specify the following values to generate next version of documentation: 

3. Change routing mode to “path”
system/config/main.php, frontend_router_type option

4. Start the  console action from top level folder with console.php file 
php ./console.php / console / gendoc

5. Restore routing mode ( frontend_router_type option )
  • The distribution package includes a fresh documentation database which is created automatically during installation in linux-based environments. Documentation installation issues can be resolved manually: just restore documentation tables from SQL dump /install/sql/docs.sql into project database. Note that documentation installation time is quite long, it can take up to 5 minutes.


  • Fixed: occasional file name collisions while saving files in filestorage;
  • Fixed: Media library image cropper selects invalid crop type;
  • Designer. Object methods and events are now removed from project correctly when owner object removed;
  • Db_Object behavior updated. Saving or adding new version now causes call of commitChanges(), updates list will be cleared;
  • Fixed bug with updating of last modified date for the published object under version control;
  • Code comments corrected and updated;
  • Code cleanup. Removed unused variables and parts;
  • Installer updated
  • ACL updated.

Download DVelum 0.9.5