October 29, 2013

The update basically contains fixes to the version, which was retrieved to be improved.

Change Log:

- russian localization issue resolved: encoding error when saving the list of admin panel modules;

- code auto generator error fixed: generating extra properties for objects without version control;

- new methods added to Db_Object_Config class:

  • hasDefault($field);
  • getDefault($field);

- Admin panel base controllers fixed: now they do not block inserted default values;

- Code Generator improved: now, fields are filled with default value and unsigned fields have the minimal value restriction equal to null;

- fixed: PHP-wrapper ‘value’ property type for ExtJS textfield;

- fixed in ORM: external table import not always defining the right prefix;

- improved in ORM: now, when removing an object, it is necessary to specify whether the db table is to be removed;

- fixed in ORM: table structure change log is written separately for each connection, which facilitates manual structure update by log;

- Designer improved: now, object string properties accept JS code (which is especially useful when localizing an interface project). It is necessary to indicate the [js:] token. Example:

- Code Compiler improved: a button rebuilding class map added (previously, one needed to recompile the packages);

- ExtJS ux components list updated /js/lib/extjs4/ux;

- Extended in Designer: lists of object properties.

The release also features changes of the unpublished patch:

# Layout Designer improved:

- method definition support added for extended components (isExtended);

- verification added: only a component in the top level of the object tree can be extended (isExtended);

- autogenerated code formatting improved;

- the Designer main interface changed: the central part now displays either the interface or the code editor (a switch to the main toolbar added). Editing code has got more convenient;

- initializing of child elements has been transferred to the addDesignerItems method, initComponent may be redefined (don’t forget to invoke the addDesignerItems method inside the redefined initComponent);

- the action column icon display issue immediately after an edit - resolved (for systems set uo into a subdirectory).

# improved in ORM interface: a hidden column with the connection name added;

# fixed: wrong css file path in the system error template;

# events now may be added to extended components;

# fixed in ORM: error creating a dictionary using capitalized letters;

# fixed: error adding the Form_Checkboxgroup component;

# fixed: error adding the Form_Radiogroup component.

# improved in Autogenerator: behaviour when creating components related to database float-fields. Now, one can use precision to define accuracy in a numberfield and set a specific format in table columns.

# ORM documentation now compliant with the official Mysql 5.1 documentation in English;

# fixed in Layout generator: unable to create an interface with a time field.

At the current stage, the autogenerator still creates code using the semifunctional approach. We are going to introduce the option choosing the autogenerator behaviour mode in one of the coming releases.

The new interface (View mode / Code editing mode):

New elements of the main menu:

  • choosing the view mode:
    • interface;
    • code;
  • view JS code automatically generated for all components;
  • project file debugger.

Viewing the code of all components:

Method editor for “extended” components:

Event editor for “extended” components. It allows to create an event in the same window; the reaction can be defined herewith if needed.

Object properties panel, list of methods:

Object properties panel, list of events:

Automatically generated events and methods:


- added to API:

Download DVelum update patch 0.9.2 to