Another platform update 0.9.2

September 13, 2013

Change Log:

- #369: code auto generator improved; now, interfaces can be generated for objects with an embedded namespace (i.e. containing “_” in the name). In view of these changes, the admin modules management interface and the group permissions interface have been also improved. Now, access permissions can be set for embedded controllers separately.

- #373 fixed: removing a field doesn’t lead to refreshing the index storage data.

- installer improved: now, the User name can be changed during the installation process; minor cosmetic changes introduced.

- #352 fixed: problems cleaning the full list of frontend modules.

- #355 fixed in ORM: the object map not showing the first field.

- #354 fixed in Modules: empty filters being sent to request builder, which led to problems filtering boolean type fields.

- #359 fixed in Layout Designer: not showing icons for Action Column items.

- #360 fixed in Layout Designer: the fieldDefaults editor not saving string values.

- #363 fixed in Layout Designer: lacking some of Combobox properties.

- #363 fixed in Layout Designer: when changing the field type from Adapter to Dictionary, the displayField and valueField properties are not defined automatically, which misleads the User, the dictionary not being shown.

- #365 fixed in Layout Designer: when saving a project, the file with editable actionJS code is not being saved, which results in uncommon behavior and misleads the User. Now, it is being saved.

- minor changes in localization files.

- Frontend_Controller_Authorised abstract controller added: a basic controller for frontend modules requiring authorization.

- #357 fixed in ORM: main table filters desynchronized, no search by object titles.

- #368 fixed in Layout Designer: impossible to import fields to a table if they are specified in the model storage.

- improved in ORM management interface and auto generator: a new property - viewConfig: {enableTextSelection:true} allowing to highlight text in table lines, added to all tables.

- Extjs version updated to 4.2.1; the system adjusted to the new library version.

- installation to a subdirectory made possible.

- admin module management interface improved: related files can be removed upon deleting a module.

- useMap setting restored in the main.php configuration file.

- minified and merged: Media Library JavaScript files and ORM management interface files.

- ORM logic improved: now, the external database table is not removed upon deleting an object regardless of lock settings.

- added: tips describing ORM field values when creating / editing objects.

- fixed: ORM interface crash due to failure to connect to the remote database; indication of connection errors added.

- Layout Designer improved: Preview mode added for the elements of related projects (additional connected projects), which makes the work with complex projects easier as there is no need in switching browsers or projects to recall the names of the elements.

- added: Frontend_Controller_Backoffice abstract controller allowing to display Layout Designer projects on the front end.

- fixed in Report creating interface: when closing a report and saving the data, a message showed up saying that the report has not been uploaded.

- Admin router improved: JSON reply is returned to AJAX requests for non-existent controllers.

- fixed: unable to save data without specifying a dictionary link value even if the field is not required; code auto generator improved.

- #326 fixed: Designer StoreFilter not working when checkbox field type is used.

- Layout Designer fixed: Form_Field_Hidden component added.

- #330 fixed in Layout Designer: Layout Designer standard components (like WYSIWYG windows) don’t allow to edit external object data with the Primary Key name different from the id.

- #332 fixed: ORM data editor allows editing data for ReadOnly objects (illogical interface). Now, editing interface for such objects doesn’t include Edit and Save buttons.

- Page Management interface improved: a page now can be removed from the list without opening the Edit window.

- Layout Designer improved: the component tree now displays each component icon.

- ORM error log improved: object name now included.

- Media Library improved: catalogues added as well as the feature inserting multiple Media Library elements to HTML editor at once.

- models improved: error logging adapter added.

- system installer improved: License step added; error switching the installer language on certain platforms fixed.

- added: overriding existing classes.

You need to locate your files with redefined classes in ./system/rewrite considering the directory hierarchy. For instance, to override Model_Medialib, you need to create a file with an eponymous class .system/rewrite/Model/MediaLib.php.

Please keep in mind that Class Map gets overridden in the Code Compiler interface upon clicking “Compile all packages”. Thus, in the development process, it is recommended to disable using Class Map: /config/main.php useMap:false - to make the newly created class available for auto upload at once. Class Map may be recompiled later.

- fixed in ORM: composite index structure not synchronized when removing a field from the list of the ones included into the index.


- improved in documentation: ORM;

- added to API documentation: class Frontend_Controller_Authorised;

- added to API documentation: class Frontend_Controller_Backoffice;

- added to Cookbook documentation: Displaying Admin Functionality on the Website Frontend;

Download DVelum 0.9.2