DVelum 0.9 Version Released

April 13, 2013

We are pleased to announce the newest release of the DVelum 0.9 platform.

What is new:

To avoid compatibility issues, CKEditor WYSIWYG has been set to the default editor. CKEditor updated to version 4.1

Media library improved: Uploadify flash file uploader replaced with an own HTML5 implementation. Now preview images show up before the actual file upload, which allows to navigate through files with similar names more easily.

The interface modified:

DVelum HTML5 multifile uploader

Uploader bug fixed: filtering files with upper case extension.

Fixed: error redefining POST data in the Request object; new methods and unit-tests added.

Now the default value for session.cookie_httponly = true

Authorization form layout enhanced;

Method inaccuracy fixed: Zend_Db_Adapter_Mysqli::describeTable (the length property not handled for integer data fields). The authors did not take into account that this property value may be needed when checking for an opportunity to create an external key for a field (the fields should be identical). Please remember, that this field value is not the textual representation length, but just a tip. To put it in simpler words, it’s the margin size for a number displayed in the terminal.

Db_Object improved: now the forced default value for an object link (optional) is null, not 0 as it used to be. This is necessary for the external keys to work properly (DB data update required).

Pages section partly revised: foreign keys compatibility added (parent_id default value is now null, not 0). Comments section of the Demo platform revised in the same way.

Added to the main configuration file: orm_innodb_real_rows_count =>true By default, the real number of database records is counted for the innodb tables (not to mislead the newbies with ever changing numbers). However, it is strongly recommended to set it to false when working with large amounts of data.

Fixed in Model _queryAddJoins: error spelling the method of the class joinInner being called;

FIxed in the Layout editor: error changing settings of the created database connection;

Fixed: specifying a wrong path to the action file when creating a layout project in a child directory;

IE compatibility issue fixed in Page management interface: the Edit window freezes upon opening;

Fixed in ORM management interface: wrong title of the related field when editing data in the ‘link to the list of objects’ field.

Fixed in multiuploader: not able to upload files after clicking the ‘Clear ‘ button;

The initial test of the system executed with enabled external keys;

Websites transferred to the new platform in testing mode, search functionally added;

New components added to the Layout  Designer:

app.objectLink.Field - link to an object
app.objectLink.Panel - link to the list of objects

DVelum object link component DVelum related objects component

Improved in Layout Designer: field import;

Code Auto Generator improved: now generating all types of fields including links to objects and object lists.

Important! When using the Auto Generator, share the access permissions to the related fields data in the linkedlistAction method of your controller by analogy with Backend_Controller_Crud::linkedlistAction

Download DVelum 0.9