The first release candidate RC1 is now available

September 3, 2012

We are happy to announce a new version of the software - the first important milestone on the road to the final release.

The newly released platform version contains fixes for all critical bugs revealed based on Your bug reports. Thank You for Your help!

Change log:

- #176 fixed: menus cached incorrectly when mapped within default blocks;

- #185 improved: page management interface, ‘Use deafult block mapping’ option added;

- #186 fixed: ORM interface, an empty string returned if the field name is not localized. Now the field key is shown in the case (the field name in the table);

- the main configuration file improved; debug_panel feature added (enabling / disabling the debug panel in developer mode)

- fixed: ‘Publish’ button missing in the block management interface;

- IDE: creating Action Column for Grid enabled;

- IDE: handler definition enabled for buttons;

- an opportunity to choose an html editor: ckeditor added in testing mode for now, not fully compatible, in some cases may cause js errors;

- fixed: ExtJS localization file not included;

- module manager added for the administrative and public sections (will be used for module installation);

- module manager interface for the public section improved;;

- cache manager interface improved: now it is not using the IDE project  теперь он не использует проект IDE  (for more convenient transfer);

- fixed: an error creating an ORM object with a name showing different letter case. Now all object names are transformed to lower case;

- deleting ORM objects and their fields  improved, localization files being cleared as well;

- ORM object renaming improved, localization files get transferred as well;

- fixed: failure to rename an ORm object;

- added: error processing if unable to create class map;

- clean version installer improved, administrative panel address, database tables prefix and clean database requested at installation;

- fixed: ORM builder, failure to synchronize the object database with the data field where the value is empty by default and there is no table;

- fixed: creating menu in production mode not allowed. Not is is permitted;

- fixed: ORM: object database table not always deleted when deleting an object;

- fixed:  Db_Object_Config  - failure to get index configuration;

- fixed: crashing of the group permissions manager interface;

- Visual Report Builder improved.

This time, there are two options available for download: the clean installation distributive and the demo one.

Download DVelum 0.8.6 RC1