Beta release 0.8.4b

August 19, 2012

Change log:

- page_title added to the user interface template;

- Row Expander fixed in IDE grid;

- GroupingSummary fixed in IDE grid;

- fields of the ‘Time’ type restored in IDE;

- undo/ redo buttons added to IDE Code Editor;

- events management added to IDE;

- clear cache functionality fixed for static blocks;

- minor fixes in lang-files;

- validators added for ORM fields;

- #48 fixed: IDE Code Editor, the Save button active if there have been made changes; hotkeys added: ctrl+s to save, ctrl+z to undo an action and ctrl+y to redo an action; a status pop-up upon saving data added.

- Block Manager improved: cache invalidators added for all types of blocks, hard caching disabled, an additional cache layer added, which has allowed to increase the performance by 10%;

- #169 fixed: IDE Code Editor not showing up at initial IDE startup.

This time, besides the installation package, You can also download the patch dvelum_0.8.3b-0.8.4b, which is installed on the previous version of the system by simply replacing the files.

Download DVelum 0.8.4b