Installation and setup

System requirements

  • Linux (trying to run the installation file in Windows may cause potential compatibility problems when operating the software, we are working on compatibility issues);
  • PHP 5.3.9 and higher;
  • Mysql 5.1 or higher;
  • Apache web server + mod_rewrite (AllowOverride All)  / Nginx;
  • memcached and opcode cacher are recommended.


The system installation requires a real Linux environment, while trying to run the installation file in Windows may cause potential compatibility problems when operating the software.

To install the system extract the files to the web-server and configure it so as to set the www directory as your Document Root. Installing DVelum in a subdirectory is available in 0.9.2 version and higher.

Then open in your browser and follow the instructions.

After the installation is finished, remove the www/install directory.

It is good to have memcached installed, thus, you would be able to fully appreciate the quality of performance. In this case, specify the memcached connection details in the www/system/config/cache.php file and reconfigure the system to work with this server: www/system/config/main.php 'use_cache'=>'memcached'.

Having an opcode-cache would be also an advantage.

Using API by the Deploy module to set up a remote connection is disabled by default. However, you can activate it by publishing the key in the API keys management interface.

Development mode setup

To switch the system to the development mode, the system settings should be modified the following way:


'development' => true

It is advisable to disable caching and package usage by changing the configuration file this way:

'use_cache' => false

'useMap' => false

'usePackages' => false

It is necessary to specify the details of connection to the test database in the file:


Disabling opcode-cache will allow you to see comments to the methods used when developing interfaces.

To avoid problems with user rights to modify files on the developer’s machine, it is highly recommended to grant writing access to all files and directories where DVelum has been installed..

To make analysing admin ajax requests more convenient by means of firebug tools, we recommend to disable CSRF token:

/system/config/backend.php 'use_csrf_token' => false

Optimizing system for ultimate performance

To switch to high performance mode, make sure there are no obsolete files in the Code_Compiller section. If there are any, recompile them. Define the following parameters in the main configuration file (www/system/config/main.php):

'development' => false

'use_cache' => true

'useMap' => true

'usePackages' => true

Apache VirtualHost configuration example

<VirtualHost *:80>
    ServerName dvelum.local
    ServerAlias www.dvelum.local
    DocumentRoot /var/www/DVelum/www
    <Directory "/var/www/DVelum/www">
         AllowOverride All
         Options +ExecCGI -Includes
         Order allow,deny
         Allow from all