Routing in DVelum

At the moment DVelum supports 3 types of frontend routing. Appropriate type should be defined in config/main.php: 'frontend_router_type' // 'module' ,'path','config'.

module - routing based on page structure. Paths are defined in page management interface. Each page has unique code which stands for the route. The page can have some controller attached (this type of routing resembles ordinary CMS routing).

path - routing based on frontend file structure. E. g. in case of Frontend_News_Controller::listAction is searched for, otherwise Frontend_Index_Controller::indexAction is initialized. Paths are searched in system/app/Frontend directory.

config (0.9.3) - routing based on routing table. Frontend Module interface allows to create aliases (url-codes) for controller initialization. If alias is missing Frontend_Index_Controller::indexAction is initialized.