Links to Objects and Lists of Objects in DVelum 0.9.x – as Simple as That

This case study shows how easy it is to manage related structures in DVelum.

Let’s have a look at a simple task: there is an “Article” entity, which has the “Main category” property and a list of related articles.

Start with the ORM objects.

Category object: Title varchar 255.

Don’t forget to specify the field used as the link title.

Article object:

  • title varchar 255, required
  • code varchar 255, required unique (the unique url code of the article)
  • text long text, allow html
  • category_id link Category , required
  • related_articles object list link (to enable recursive linking, save object and open it for editing).

Make sure you have specified the field used as the link title.

Here are more code field details:

Generate interfaces for both the objects:

Now, get down to filling in the data.

Open the Category interface and add a few entries.

Let’s get down to articles. There is an editor supporting version control.

You might notice that a special component has been inserted for category selection.

Create several articles:

The first column displays publication status, while the second one shows versions (published / the last version).

Now that we have a few articles in the database, we can define related ones (an editor has already been generated):

With the help of the version panel, we can return to publish earlier created document versions.

The rest of the setup is up to you.

What can be easier?